Reservation For Clouds is a two piece alternative band originating from Northwest Ohio whose music pulls influence from an unorthodox mix of pop, rock, and rap. Centering themselves on singer/songwriter arrangements and distinctive lyrics, the duo has no apologies for sounding original.

The two brothers, Ben Bowers (producing, vocals, guitar, and piano) and Eli Bowers (vocals, guitar) have had a shared vision since the band’s infancy. Wanting to establish a standalone sound, RFC was discovered through Ben’s self-taught artistic producing and hunger for original concepts. While also being motivated to bring back the forgotten sound of a guitar, the pair realized they found a rare blend after crafting the first few tracks on their album “Wemmicks”, the band’s 11 song debut.

“Wemmicks” was released in January of 2018, which marked the end of a journey to produce an in-depth project highlighted by the common battle with self-doubt. Diving into the unspoken truth of self-worth, the album connects on an authentic level, clearly stating the people that surround you do not define your ultimate worth.

Determined to deliver on a unique experience through their live shows, Reservation For Clouds is set to tour at length around the state of Ohio in the Spring/Summer of 2018.